There can only be one Event of a “Thief in the Night!”

A blogger writes on their rapture ready blog: “Once the Tribulation starts, there isn’t going to be too much of a Surprise anymore as to when Yahshua/Jesus will show up — everything will be consigned to a 7 year Context.” This does seem an obvious conclusion to the pre-trib view, but in light of the concept of Jesus coming as a “thief in the night”, it raises a lot of questions. The pre-trib view will tell you that the “thief in the night” refers to the rapture in Paul’s writings and in the Gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke, however in Peter’s and John’s writings referring to the “thief in the night” they do not refer to the same event, but the second coming. Wasn’t Peter and John present for the same teaching from Christ as Matthew, Mark, and Luke? The church of Sardis is also told that Jesus will come like a thief. So this refutes some pretrib believers who state that the event is subject only to the Second Coming.  Here is shows in the context of the church…Rev. 3:1-5.

The blogger comes to the obvious conclusion that there can be only one element of surprise, and with the 7 year time frame, that element of surprise is no longer, but declared. Why then can the pre-trib view exist, because it must separate the “thief in the night” into two events? If you are honest with yourself, you know there can only be one event when it comes to the “thief in the night”. There can be only one element of surprise, exact days and times surround a first event would clearly foretell the second. As this blogger points out. Therefore we know that the “thief in the night event is singular, and therefore the rapture/second coming event is also singular. Every account of the “thief in the night” event presents it as singular. None of the apostles records more than one in their writings. The pre-trib view attempts to make this into a mysterious secret rapture, and bring obscurity to it, but it is not. Be careful that no man deceive you! Matt. 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, 1 Thess. 4,5, 2 Peter 3:10,16, Rev. 3:1-5, Rev. 16:15


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