Escaping it All…

Luke 21:36, Jesus tells us to …pray always that we may be worthy to escape all that is coming on the Earth…

“PRAY ALWAYS”  That makes it worthy of meditation and consideration.  How often should it be prayed?  What does it mean to be worthy?  How do we become worthy?  What are we escaping?

Often those who believe the pretrib doctrine notice the word escape and that seems to be their entire  focus.  They say, “Look we can escape all the tribulation and persecution that is coming on the Earth.   This is the rapture.   My question is; if you believe that escape means rapture, do you or have you ever prayed this prayer that you are told to “always pray”?  If you are always praying that you will be worthy to be raptured then who gets raptured?  Just those who are worthy?  My understanding is that those who are saved get raptured.  Therefore how is worthiness a consideration of salvation?  We are not saved by works.  Worthiness has everything to do with works.  We cannot be worthy to be raptured any more that we can be worthy to be saved.   Why would we always pray that we would be saved, so we could get raptured, so we could escape?   Does praying for salvation become a mantra?  These, of course, are rhetorical questions, and bring to light that the word escape cannot be the rapture.   In fact it proves the opposite.  We must be praying always that we can be worthy to escape each and every part of what is coming upon the Earth because we are going to be there to experience it.


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