Dispensationalism…. the foundation of the pretrib rapture doctrine

Although Darby (circa 1830) may not have originated the doctrines of dispensationalism, and the pretrib rapture doctrine, he is known as the father of them because he popularized them. Both of these doctrines divide and conquer the direct gospel. John Nelson Darby was refuted by righteous men like George Muller and Charles Spurgeon. Because these righteous men fought the good fight against the false doctrines of Darby, Darby’s doctrines did not get a strong foothold until Scofield nearly 100 years later. Scofield, who helped found The Dallas Theological Seminary broadcast the doctrines to the masses. Both Darby and Scofield wrote their own bibles so that they could interject their own doctrines. Both recognized the dispensational belief that the Words of Jesus are no longer valid for us today. The Pretrib doctrine cannot be taught without the dispensational teaching that the Olivet Discourse is not valid for us today. Both of these doctrines were fathered by these individuals.
Dispensationalism attempts to destroy the teachings of Jesus, by telling us that we are in a dispensation of Paul and not that of Christ. Paul uses the word dispensation 4 times in his writings… dispensation comes from the verb “dispense” where we get our paper towel dispensers etc. Paul was merely stating that this is the gospel that he was given to dispense. However, Darby uses this term and created a division of “dispensational eras”. Teaching that Abraham and Moses were in different dispensations and therefore Paul created a doctrine of salvation by grace through faith. Dispensationalism teaches that Abraham was saved by keeping the law. Paul however tells us in Romans 4 that both Abraham and David were also saved by grace through faith. Salvation comes through total surrender… that is what Jesus taught… the Pearl of Great Price, the Treasure in a Field, the Rich Young Ruler…etc. Paul never taught anything different… however the dispensationalist teaching falls into what Jude warns about: Wicked men turn the grace of our God into lewdness. ….thus the reason Jude continues …that we must earnestly contend for what Jesus first taught us. Paul taught no differently…. although because the dispensationalist have turned the grace of our God into lewdness… the concept of grace is changed. Paul taught that by “grace” we are saved… saved means no longer walking in the old habits. So if we are saved from a vice… say smoking… we no longer engage in smoking. The false teaching of grace in this “age of grace” falls more into the category that declares salvation by God turning a blind eye to sin… therefore someone isn’t saved from smoking (no longer a habit) but that God no longer notices it.
I’ll paint you another picture…. the Rich Young Ruler comes to Jesus (Luke 18:18) and asks Him how to be saved…. Jesus first gives him some of the 10 commandments… and then continues to tell him personally the message of total surrender, “Go, sell everything you have and give it to the poor and come follow me…” He went away sorrowful, because he was wealthy. The disciples then asked Jesus, “Who then can be saved?” Jesus replies, “With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Grace is how God empowers man to overcome. Grace is NOT “undeserved favor” any more than any of God’s other fruits of the Spirit….. love, joy, peace… Grace is the empowerment….. “for by grace are we saved.” The dispensationalist teaching castrates and removes the potency of the grace of our God. If the rich young ruler had made the choice to follow Jesus, God’s grace would have empowered Him… and by grace he would have been saved as well to walk out salvation. Faith without works is dead. Paul didn’t come up with this “new way of salvation”, but rather explained the salvation that Jesus already taught. Because of the false message that the dispensationalists bring today, multitudes are fed a “sinner’s prayer” that is unscriptural…. ….can you just see it…. 4 years after Jesus gave the message of salvation to the “rich young ruler”, a dispensationalist could have gone to the rich young ruler and told him….”just follow after me with this ‘sinner’s prayer’ and you too could be saved…. Jesus (the author and finisher of our faith) was not correct in His teaching.” The rich young ruler could have then walked away with a false conversion, no longer having to sell everything he had to go follow Jesus. This watered down gospel is some of the founding false beliefs of the dispensationalist teaching… it is no wonder that Peter taught that those who twist Paul’s teachings of eschatology, do so with the rest of Scripture …. 2 Peter 3:10-18. The father of dispensationalism is also the father of the pretrib doctrine… John Darby. Both of Darby’s doctrines use the divide and conquer method of destroying the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dispensationalism eliminates Jesus teaching, by telling us that Paul teaches a different gospel to the gentiles, but that Jesus taught the Jews only…. Paul destroys this notion in Eph. 2. Did Paul die for you… yet according to this gospel of dispensationalism one must ignore the teachings of Jesus and follow Darby’s twisted teachings. The same is true for Christ’s return… Darby divided His return into two… one for the gentiles and one for the Jews… this is a fable… Yet this doctrine of John Darby is contrary to Christ, and therefore a type of anti-christ doctrine. The pretrib rapture doctrine falls in line with the dispensational one. You cannot understand the second without believing the first.
The dispensationalism doctrine enables the church to ignore the most valuable teachings of Jesus. The most important, is that He talks to us today; “My sheep hear my voice,”By removing this concept and telling us that God does not talk to us today, removes the personal relationship with the living God. The message of salvation is equally important. How can someone say that they believe in Jesus, but reject His teachings as valid?  Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life…   Jesus always taught total surrender. If we haven’t totally surrendered then we are still lord of our lives in some way or another. Still another very important message is the message of healing the sick. This message was and still is a core message of Jesus… see Mark 16. The removal of this from the very message of Jesus Christ is contrary to Christ, and therefore derived by an anti-christ spirit