Blog Purpose

The Purpose of this blog is to bring clarity and provoke deeper thinking in the field of eschatology (end times).  People are encouraged to reference the Word of God, and discouraged in referencing outside sources.

As a post-trib believer I recognize that there are many snares and pitfalls that we come across in life’s journey.  Being that the believer is assigned to and appointed to tribulation and persecution it is important to embrace them when they arise.  This site recognizes the dangers of the pretrib doctrine and teachings that keep the believer from being unprepared for tribulation and persecution.  That in itself is a serious danger.  The only characteristic of the “stony” soil in the parable of the “sower” (Mark 4:18) is the fact that the stony soil believers have no mindset for tribulation and persecution.  As a result, we are told, they will immediately stumble.

This site is dedicated to prepare the believer for tribulation and persecution, and to keep them from falling away when it comes.


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