We are not appointed to Wrath

Pre-Tribulation view:

Reason:  We are not appointed to God’s  Wrath therefore we must be raptured prior to the 7 year Great Tribulation Period.

Assumption:  The Greek; Thymos and Orge are one in the same God’s eternal wrath vs. temporal wrath

Assumption:  There is a 7 year Great Tribulation Period

Assumption: There is a rapture event separate from the second coming event.

Pre-wrath view:

Reason:  We are not appointed to God’s Wrath therefore we must be raptured out prior to the time of God’s Wrath.  The time of Tribulation and the time of Wrath are two separate times, and these distinctions can be seen in the Word.

Assumption: The Greek; Thymos and Orge (Greek words for wrath/anger) are one in the same, God’s eternal wrath vs. temporal wrath

Assumption: There is a rapture event separate from the second coming event.

Post Tribulation view:

The time of God’s wrath is an non issue.

Reason:  There word “wrath” in English is derived from two separate Greek words, “thymos,” and “orge.”  They are not the same.  One shows an eternal nature the other shows a temporal and eternal one.  The wrath we are not appointed to is eternal Hell.

Scriptural support:  John 3:36 shows that the eternal wrath (orge) of God “abides” on those who do not believe.  1 Thess. 5:9,10 also shows this same exact word (orge) for eternal wrath.  We are not appointed to it, but to eternal salvation and eternally living with Him. Revelation14:10 orge (wrath) is defined as eternal wrath


Both the Pretrib and the Pre-Wrath views have the foundational reasoning for their view. This reasoning is derived from the concept of God’s Wrath.  These views base there reasoning on language translation errors in most English versions of the Word.



Removing Speculation in Eschatology Reveals the true Doctine

Paul tells Timothy in second Timothy, “avoid foolish speculation, knowing that it produces quarrels.”  If the church were to take a stand against speculation, assumption, opinion and conjecture there would be only one view left.

Jesus not only taught about His return, but He then modeled it. In Acts 1:9-14 we see Jesus leaving the Mount of Olives to the clouds/sky, to heaven. After which the disciples were staring up into heaven, obviously looking to catch a glimpse of more, but the more didn’t come. Instead they were asked why they were staring up into heaven. The disciples were then informed that Jesus would return in “like manner.” Like manner would mean that when Jesus returns He will return from Heaven to the sky/clouds to the Mount of Olives. He made it clear and simple.

Today many bible teachers are still staring up into heaven searching for the more that isn’t there, so instead they proceed to make it up. As a result, we have multiple doctrines that simply are not found in Scripture. We have the Temple being rebuilt, the sacrifices and offerings being reinstated, and again taken away. We have the anti-christ making a covenant with many, and a conjured event of alive saints spending time in heaven.  (Sure, Scriptures are sited AS IF they support these ideas, but the direct statements pertaining to these opinions are not stated directly in the Word.)  We now have a new word that is used to described to create another return of Christ. That word is “rapture.” This word is Latin in origin. First coined circa 1600 A.D. and was used to describe kidnapping and rape. The word was popularized by John Darby in the 1830’s in his book “the Secret Rapture of the church”, and since that time it has grown into being known as a first return of Christ, preceding a “second advent.” Without the coinage of this word, “rapture,” it becomes extremely difficult for its supporters to explain this conjured event. Some tell us that one is the day of Christ, while the other is the day of the Lord, as if Christ and the Lord are two separate entities. For those who don’t know; Christ is the Lord.     

 1 Cor.15:51,52, the pretrib doctrine focuses on these two verses out of context in a long passage leading up to them starting in verse 24, and totally miss the fact of the mystery revealed.  Instead the pretrib doctrine claims mystery and therefore obscurity.  With this obscurity they can make up any winds of doctrines that they wish.  However, Paul starts speaking of the return of Christ in verse 24.  By this he starts to lay a foundation for the mystery he is about to reveal.   Paul is known for calling himself a Pharisee of the Pharisees.  Contrary to the Saducees, the Pharisees taught that there were angels, the resurrection of the dead, and that man has a spirit as well as a body… see Acts,23:8.  Therefore Paul spent a great deal of effort debunking what the Saducees taught the people…. that there was no resurrection of the dead.  In this passage in 1 Cor. 15  Paul also went to great lengths to show that we have a spiritual body and a physical body.   We know that our spirits are eternal in nature and that our physical body becomes corrupted when it dies and rots in the grave.  We know that our physical body is mortal and that Adam brought about this mortality when he sinned, “…through one man, death entered into the world through sin…”  Prior to the fall in the garden, man’s physical body was immortal. Paul declares the revealed mystery of our physical bodies being changed. (our spiritual bodies are not mortal, nor corruptible, however our physical bodies are (corruptible as defined in Acts 2)).  When we meet Him in the air/clouds our physical bodies are changed…. those who are alive and remain, their bodies are changed from mortal to immortal… this is the reverse of what happened to Adam in the garden.  The dead saints receive AGAIN physical bodies… this time incorruptible ones that cannot rot in the grave.  At no time does the physical body ever go to heaven…. “…flesh and blood cannot inherit…”  When John was called up here… immediately he was in the spirit… Rev. 4:1,2.   The dead saints were perfectly happy and content in heaven without the cumbersome physical Earth suit necessary to survive on Earth.  However, all of a sudden they AGAIN receive a new physical Earth suit, at the time where Jesus is about to rule and reign for 1000 years.  Could it be that they actually need a physical body to rule and reign on Earth with Jesus for 1000 years…. absolutely…. this is the mystery that Paul is revealing.  Without a physical body the dead saints would be disembodied spirits still floating around in the spirit realm, not capable of ruling and reigning with Christ. on Earth for 1000 years.  Isaiah makes reference to these bodies in Is. 65:20. Those who are alive and remain never go outside of the sky/clouds realm of the Earth while alive until the 1000 years are over… of course, they can still reproduce.    However, the pretrib doctrine has these new bodies heaven bound…The conjure up that these bodies are glorified rather than what the Paul states here in the Word… immortal and incorruptible.  We do not get glorified bodies until the Father is revealed at the White Throne Judgement… see 1 John 2:1,2.   Their idea is totally unsupported by the Word and contrary to the mystery revealed by Paul, and contrary to what Jesus modeled in Acts 1.