The Time of Peace and Safety is a ways off…

A storm is a brewing all over the world. It will be a long time before people can once again make the claim, peace and safety. Prior to Nazi Germany the same type of storm was brewing. Everyone knew it then. It could be felt well before it hit.  Despite the some of the media’s obvious misinformation campaign people know it’s coming today. There will always be a few that put on the rose colored glasses and try to plant hopium, but IMO the masses must feel and believe the concept of peace and safety, rather and the few trumpeters making the claim, “peace and safety” as the Scripture states. As a post-trib believer I see that this claim of peace and safety will be only obtained after the scapegoat of the saints killed for not taking the mark is achieved. The antichrist and his followers will finally be able to say that they have obtained this place of peace and safety after ridding the Earth of those who have been a stumbling block to their beliefs. Only now they can live in peace without the “better than thou” people informing them of sin and wrongdoing. After all, without the messenger to bring such bad news of sin… no bad news exists. After all, the antichrist will have all the answers to fix all the problems. Once the problems are addressed and the solutions are in place, the stage is set for the time of “peace and safety.”

Naturally that effects the concept of immanency that is preached in conjunction with the pretrib Rapture doctrine. No one can deny that the world is heating up. All sorts of violence are on the increase. The economists are claiming the world is on the edge of a cliff financially. The numbers around the world claiming “peace and safety” are decreasing rapidly. Once the violence hits home, it becomes undeniable. You can always find one person to make the claim, “peace and safety,” but for it to be a world view takes and antichrist. Don’t ya think?


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