Rev. 21:8 tells us that all cowards will be cast into Hell, are pretribbers on the list?

I’ve responded to over 300 pre-trib blogs over the last year.  I’ve recorded just about every response that I’ve not found a single teacher and promoter of the pre-trib doctrine willing or capable of answering my questions.  90 percent do not even post my response.  The view cannot stand any scrutiny, yet they teach it as if it were straight from God’s lips.  The Word tells us to be ready in season and out concerning the hope that is in them, yet they NEVER do.  I’m sure it’s not because they don’t want to, they simply can’t.  Why, because the Word of God Itself debunks and debates their view.  Is it cowardice why they are unwilling to look at the facts before them or simply that they fail to love the truth and God has sent a strong delusion over them…2 Thess. 2;12?  If their view is correct, why the lack of confidence to make a stand for it?

I’ve be kicked off of many forums and websites just for asking questions.  I don’t mind being called names and the persecution that comes with making a stand for what I believe.  However, the deliberate deceit to the masses torques me.  The brainwashing has already been accomplished, and therefore it appears, it just a matter of maintaining it.  Keep any apposing views from being able to question our hard work of indoctrination.  Apparently the view is a fragile house of cards, and they know it.

The two places where Paul and Jesus both warn us to be careful that no man deceive you are the most pronounced places in the Word of obvious deception.  Paul informs us that we can’t be raptured (2 Thess. 2:1) until the “falling away” takes place.  “Falling away” comes from the Greek word ‘apostasia’ which is where we get the English words ‘apostasy’ and ‘apostate’ which means ‘departing away from the faith’.  Yet the pre-trib doctrine makes the meaning of ‘apostasia’ to mean simply “depart” or in essence ‘rapture.’  Which if were true would cause the Paul to have circular reasoning here, we cannot be raptured…2 Thess. 2:1, until we are raptured… vs. 3.  The interpretation simply doesn’t fly.

Jesus also warns us to not let man deceive us right after the disciples ask about the events surrounding the fall of the temple in Jerusalem when not one stone is left upon another…. Mark 13:1-5. (see also Luke 21:5-8, and Matt. 24:1-4)  The event of the destruction of the temple that happened in 70 AD during the Roman-Jewish War (66-73 AD) ended the daily sacrifices.  Thus fulfilling Daniel’s 70th week perfectly.  Yet the doctrine deceptive informs us that the event is sometime in the future as well as the same event of the “abomination of desolation” and the time of “Jacob’s trouble” that causes Israel to be scattered to the ends of the earth… Jer. 30,31.  Now that Israel is gathered since 1948, she will never be scattered again… Ezek. 27:21-25.

Yet, the doctrine hinges a duration of 7 years for the great tribulation on this ONE verse (Daniel 9:27) that is already fulfilled, and creates a doctrinal timeline around it.  Telling us that the temple will be rebuilt and destroyed in the time of the great tribulation. Also giving us a mid-week scenario in the tribulation. NO other Scripture supports and back up this doctrine. Yet a great multitude allows themselves to be deceived into this teaching that both Jesus and Paul specifically warn about.


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