Pretrib doctrine is Foundationaly built on Speculation of obscure passages part 1

I find it fascinating that a pre-trib doctrine believer actually believes that some prophesies are fulfilled. After all the most obvious fulfillment is the one where the daily sacrifices have ended, and pretribbers see it as futuristic. The Jews know when these sacrifices ended, the rest of the world knows that the Jews have never continued to resume the daily sacrifices, and yet pre-tribbers place this prophesy in the future. Interesting…

Titus who made a covenant with the Roman Empire started his quest in 66 AD to squelch the Jewish rebellion. After 3.5 years his quest ended by the decimation of the temple in Jerusalem. Thus ending the daily sacrifices and leaving Jerusalem desolate. This happened in chronological order of Daniel’s prophesy of the 70 weeks. Right after the Messiah was cut off by not for Himself, thus fulfilling Daniel’s 70th week to a T… YET…the pretribber tells us that there is a mysterious 2000 yr +/- gap between the 69th and 70 week. Just so that the Great Tribulation can be a 7 yr period, and so they can falsely separate the Jewish program from the church. What do they do with the daily sacrifices being obviously cut off? They tell us that the Temple is going to be rebuilt and the daily sacrifices again restored…. YET… the whole of Scripture NEVER gives any indication of that. In fact this thinking is brought about by a single verse…. Daniel’s 70th week which Titus clearly fulfilled in a timely manor.

This single verse that is falsely interpreted by the pretrib doctrine is the Foundation of the pretrib doctrine. Without it you have no 7 year tribulation period, no temple rebuilt, no mid-tribulation 3.5 year timeline, no end of the daily sacrifices, and the like. ONE SINGLE VERSE, and NO SUPPORTING VERSES to support it. The entire doctrine is built on such speculation of obscure passages that don’t support the doctrine. Sad part is that pretribbers want it to work so badly for them that they forsake the truth just to make it work for them. It is extremely sad the deception that they have brought upon themselves because they fail to love the truth… 2 Thess. 2:11,12



  1. You don’t think another temple is possible where the sacrifice could be put to a halt after three and a half years of peace? I am not saying the pre-trib is right; on the contrary, I think it is badly flawed, yet there may be a way to support your Post-Trib theory or something close to it and follow the idea of a new Jewish temple that will suffer a removal of the daily sacrifice.


    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I’ve meant to modify my post to state that the daily sacrifices and offerings have no Scriptural support for reentry, rather than the temple. The Temple is mentioned in Rev. 11:1+, however whether or not it is physical or heavenly is unknown in this passage. Today the temple is not made by hands, but our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. There is no Scriptural support of a 3.5 year period surrounding the temple. There is no Scriptural support to suggest that the daily sacrifices and offerings will ever return. There is no support for a mid-point of the tribulation, or a defining of that time by the destruction of a new Jewish temple. There is a danger of looking for a temple that may or may not exist in correlation with the mark of the beast. If people think that there must be a temple prior to the mark, then the danger is an excuse to take it on the grounds that it isn’t really the mark. Many believe that the mark will have a required oath or pledge accompany it, however the Word only indicates that without it people won’t be able to buy or sell. If people are looking for a pledge or oath, that too could be a stumbling stone used as an excuse to take it.

      The temple could very well be rebuilt and the sacrifices and offerings returned prior to the second coming. However, if they are not, as their substantiation is not prevalent in Scripture, counting on them for a sign could become detrimental.


      1. Detrimental is being a Christian in the Last Days–detrimental in a worldly sense. Detrimental is studying the last days and taking it too seriously (unless you have a very compelling reason to do so). Unfortunately, it seems most who study it get more pleasure out of quibbling their preferred theories than they do out of learning what is likely to happen.
        I do not need to convince you of the scriptural support of a new Jewish temple. The truth will speak for itself someday, and then you can revise your theory.
        As far as the mark appearing without some major changes, there is no danger of not seeing it coming long in advance. Taking the mark is closely associated with bowing in worship to a man’s image.
        That sort of mindset does not just happen overnight. The consequences of not bowing and taking the mark will likewise take some time for the world to grasp. Today we celebrate such a level of religious freedom in the West, that I dare say we take it for granted and stand to lose most of our religious freedoms. For the world to come to a point that they can execute anyone who does not bow in worship to a man and take his mark, some clear-cut changes need to take place.
        How we get from here to there requires a chain of events that will take many days to unfold, giving many people a good chance to revise their last-days theories. Unfortunately, it is foretold that there will be a great falling away, and I have no doubts that it is the stress and the misunderstanding that come with this subject that will be enough to push a good number of those over the edge.

      2. This site is not dedicated to any speculation on what is likely to happen. Rather it is dedicated to search the Word for what IS going to happen. Sure we could sit around and speculate that the “mark of the beast” is the biochip or something else. There is a place for that and we all have opinions. This site is not the place. It is dedicated to those interested in searching the Word for the truth that WILL happen. This site is not dedicated to any theory whatsoever. Just the truth as the Scripture teaches. The name of the site is TELL ME MORE, Reference the Word And you are invited to to just that…Reference the Word of God… all else is speculation. Where does the Word state what you are stating… it doesn’t. The mindset could happen immediately as Jesus address the issue of tribulation and persecution… “Immediately they stumble” (Mark 4:18) If you can’t buy or sell without it and need milk for the baby, that could easily happen overnight. The world’s economy is about to collapse. The richest country in the world, Iraq (Babylon) is worth the study. They have just about removed currency from the streets, and the QI Card is being implemented. They are the forerunner country and their monetary reform is just about complete and ready. Waiting for the go ahead from the powers that be… UN, IMF, etc. The world has already grasped the VISA card, and ATM card. If you have a check or money order in Norway, people gather around to see what it looks like, because they have been obsolete for years. Many of the younger generation have never seen one. You state that the worship is to a man, but the Word states that the worship is to a beast. You are assuming that the beast is a man. The Word calls it a beast. Which could be a world system. Which could show allegiance or worship, by the simple signature on a “user agreement” that wasn’t ever read by the signer. The plethora of user agreements that are necessary just to live today is incredible and few actually read them. I was even confronted with one to get a flat tire fixed.

        Concerning your long time to change your view idea… the Word states “immediately they stumble” Mark 4:18. The Economy has a history of crashing suddenly. History repeats itself… check out my thread with that title. It happened already in China when the Red Curtain fell.

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