The Post-Tribulation View is VERY Literal

The post-tribulatin view is a very Literal view.  I’ve heard it accused of not being literal and so I put out a challenge to show differently.  On the other hand we are told that the pretrib view is literal.  However, the fact is that it is built upon conjecture and therefore there is nothing literal about it.  The post-trib view that I represent is posted on this blog.  So that is the foundation for my argument.

In order for an argument to be literal it cannot be taken out of context, and it is taken at the most basic meaning without reading into it.

The Scripture tells us MANY times WHEN the Rapture takes place…. 1 Cor. 15:51,52 tells us that it takes place, “at the last trumpet.”   To take that literal is to understand that the Rapture takes place at the last trumpet.  The post-trib view has no problem understanding this point whatsoever.  However, the pretrib view must make excuses for every point of timing that the Scripture.  They tells us that there are many last trumpets.  REALLY?!?!?

When the issue of literal is brought up, the foundation of truth is what is really at stake.  If you actually look at the Scriptures that the pre-trib doctrine uses to back-up their teachings, so often you must read into them to get their meaning.  That does not line up with the meaning of the word literal.   For example:  The pretrib doctrine tells us that we are to “comfort one another with these words.” 1 Thess. 4:18.  The pretrib doctrine tells us that the words of comfort are that we are to escape the tribulation because we are raptured out of it.  However, that is extremely far fetched from what the Word actually states.  In verse 13 we are told who mourn and are in need of comfort.  It is the same context that leads up to 1 Cor. 15:51,52 rapture verses.  It is based in the fact that many are taught (by the Saducees) that there is no resurrection from the dead.  This is the entire context of the passage, yet the pretribbers attempt to make it into something else, and because it has been taught for generations, the lie is well excepted.  Their meaning is not literal in any way, but rather conjured.

Another example is the fact that we are not assigned or appointed to wrath… 1 Thess. 5:9,10.  To understand the BASIC meaning we must look at the whole of the passage… We are not assigned to wrath…. BUT to FOREVER living with Him.  It is obvious that the assignment is ETERNAL because of the word FOREVER.  Yet, the pretribbers insist that the assignment is temporal and Earthly, and because of that reason the church must escape via rapture from God’s wrath.  If that is the case then the “tribulation saints” are lied to by God, and are assigned to wrath according to the pretrib belief.

For your understanding to be literal, one must take the basic meaning of the Word and work with that for understanding.  If you attempt to understand the Word by twisting the meaning to fit your understanding, it is due to self seeking or laziness of not searching out the whole of the passages.  Of course, anyone can accuse another of being lazy in this manor, however, the Holy Spirit convicts of the truth for those who have not seared their conscience through disobedience.