Worthy to Escape all these things…

Sid Roth latest show had a guest that claimed 80,000 hrs of research concerning eschatology.  That’s an impressive claim.  The Guest Perry Stone was asked what his best argument for his view was.  He mentioned Luke 21:36 as his best argument… Let’s take a look.

“Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

The pretrib view loves this statement because of the word “escape”. This word. they say. supports the rapture, but let’s consider the REST of the verse in the light of the pretrib view:

First of all we are commanded by Jesus to, “pray always”.  So we know that is a continual petitioning the Lord.  What are we continually petitioning the Lord for?  “To escape all these things that come to pass…”   If you are a pretribber you consider this to be the rapture.  The ticket out of here via rapture is salvation, because all those who are saved will be raptured.  So in all simplicity to pray this prayer, you would continually be praying that you would receive salvation.  So correctly understanding this verse from the pretrib view you would continually have to be saying the sinners prayer… so you could be saved…. so you could be raptured… so you could escape all these things coming on the earth.

Furthermore, the verse tells us to pray that we would be counted “worthy” to escape.  If escape is equivalent to salvation, because it is the key to getting raptured.  This would also imply that there is a correlation between worthiness and salvation.  We know that we are saved by grace not of works or worthiness.

To use this scripture as a “proof” of a pretrib view is to twist the scripture (2Peter 3:16).  If you are a pretribber, have you ever actually prayed this prayer?  Think about it!  Why would you ever even think to pray this prayer?  Rapture is a promise to believers. You would be praying a faithless prayer! Do you really think God would go back on His word and you need to be continually praying that He would do what He has already promised?

This is the best argument for a pretribber who has 80,000 hrs studing eschatology.

Let’s actually consider this verse from a Psalm 91 (post-trib) view:

No problem… we know there is a great deal coming upon the earth that needs to be escaped… Lord help us be worthy to escape it all!


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