The Church will never get raptured!

The very definition of church according to Revelation is those who go to church, attendees, not saved. You can see this fact in the letters addressed to the churches The churches include those, who watch, and those who don’t watch, those who overcome, and those who do not, those who keep their garments and those who do not. By this we know that the Churches in Revelations pertain to attendees, not saints. Attendees is also the definition of the Church today: Attendees, not necessarily saved. Doesn’t the pre-trib view attempt to make them out to be more than those just in attendance, all saints? You can see this in the post here making the church out to be all saints. The pretrib doctrine makes a big deal about it, the church gets raptured, and you don’t see the church after Rev. 4. Know that this is a stumbling block when pretribbers present their view to others. I think it should be a red flag to you as well.

Therefore we can see that any catching up or rapture experience will not be the church group, but consist only of saints/true believers.

Beware that no man deceive you!


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