The Rapture is Imminent???

The Rapture is Imminent…
What exactly does that mean?  Doesn’t it refer to the element of surprise and coming as a thief in the night, or an hour that one would least expect?  We know that militarily that you only get one element of surprise, after that the presents of the intruder is made highly known.  Many who share the Pre-tribulation rapture view point out:  After the rapture there is a given timeline so that there is no longer any more imminence or surprise to the events following.  Yet the Word of God places the time of imminence, thief in the night event at the end, 2Pet3:10 and Rev. 16:15.  Because of this many pre-trib scholars attempt to say that the reference to, the “thief in the night’, event only refers to the second coming.  But there again, according to this reasoning, Jesus should have declared His coming to a “thief in the day”,  rather than “night”, because the timing would be declared by the occurrence of the rapture exactly 7 years before.


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