A letter to my pre-trib friends concerning God’s wrath

Any time tribulation, which the very nature of this is assigned to the church (John 16:33), is lumped together with the ‘wrath of God’, which is not assigned for the believer, a red flag should go up for the believer. The two concepts, tribulation and God’s wrath, are not the same by origin and originate from the very opposite sides of the war in the heavens. The reason a red flag should go up is the issue that Jesus brought up surrounding the concept of tribulation in Mark 4:17. This is the issue that those who are not prepared to face tribulation will fall away when it comes. Enough said at the moment concerning tribulation.

Concerning God’s wrath. Are we assigned to it? Absolutely not (1 Thess. 5:9)! But consider the pre-trib belief: A portion of the saints (rapture) get to escape the wrath of God while a different portion of saints (tribulation) have to suffer the wrath of God. That is the portion of saints mentioned in Rev.14:12 who have to endure the tribulation of refusing the ‘mark of the beast’. The pre-trib view implies that they not only have to endure the tribulation of man and devil, but the wrath of God as well. What an absurd idea! They not only have to endure the worse ever “hell” on Earth, but wrath from God as well? Does it strike anyone else as absurd to think that God would pour out His wrath on his servants?  Read 1 Thess. 5:9, you can’t have salvation and the wrath of God at the same time.   Pre-tribbers, read Psalm 91. Don’t you understand that God will protect His own. He protects them in the cleft of the rock while the storm passes by. It amazes me that you could even suggest that God would pour out His wrath on any of His saints.  Others, but not you.

This belief that ‘God’s promises are for some of His saints and not others’ is the foundation lie of the pre-trib doctrine. That is that everything that Jesus spoke concerning end time events only apply to the Jews. Jesus and Paul both preface their word on the end times with, “be careful that no man deceive you.”

God asked Adam in the garden, “who told you that you are naked?”, He pointed to another person (Eve) who in turn pointed to the serpent. I ask you, “Who told you that the end time doctrine that Jesus spoke was not directly for you?” If you have a good memory, you will only be able to point to another person, who heard it from another person…. who heard it from the serpent. Be careful that no man deceive you!


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