20 reasons the Pre-trib view has failed

20 Ways that he Pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine has failed…

1. The absolute fail is the fact that there is no Scriptural foundation to separate the second coming from the rapture.  In fact the very word rapture has been conjured to suppose a separation that doesn’t exist.  That word, rapture, is not in the Word.

  • 1 Cor. 15:42-54 informs us that the resurrection of the dead happens at the time of the twinkling of an eye.  The rapture doctrine teaches is event to be the rapture.  Rev. 20:4,5 informs us that the first resurrection of the dead includes those who have died for not taking the mark of the beast.   Revelation 20:4,5 informs us that the second coming is the first resurrection.  To ADD another resurrection from the dead such as a “rapture” to the book of revelation is to ignore the warning therein Rev. 22:18.

2. The doctrine tells us that the time of “Jacob’s trouble” is the great tribulation.  This is a lie!  If the 2 chapters that tell us about the time of “Jacob’s trouble” were about the great tribulation, then the parallel of revelation in these chapters (Jer. 30,31).  Instead the content is about Israel being scattered to the ends of the Earth where she is then gathered.  This happened from 66 AD to 1948 when she again became a nation.  They know they will never be scattered again… Isaiah, Amos, and Ez. 36:24 tells us that they will never be scattered again.  The importance of pointing out the time of “Jacob’ trouble” to the pretrib doctrine is an conjured attempt to inform us that the ‘great tribulation’ is only for the Jews.  That is all a lie.  Luke records this time as the “time of the gentiles”  where Jerusalem is “trodden down” by them.  Jerusalem was trodden down by gentiles from 132 AD to 1948 AD, and was Jerusalem was considered Jew free.  When Jesus returns Jerusalem will be occupied by Jews… Zech 14:1-5.

3. Paul tells the bride of Christ how to get ready ON EARTH for when Jesus come with all of His saints… 1 Thess. 3:12,13 The dead in Christ rise first that those are the saints who Jesus is returning with for His bride. The bride makes herself ready by “the righteous acts of the saints.” Those acts cannot be accomplished in heaven. They must be accomplished on Earth.

4. The Scriptures that tells us that “no one knows the day or the hour” ALWAYS reference the SECOND COMING… ex. Matt. 24:36…”of that day, no one know the day or the hour…” Which day? They one just described in vs. 35… This parallels the description of the Second Coming by Peter in 2 Peter 3:10.

5. Jesus tells us that He will return “Like a thief” Rev. 16:15, 2 Peter 3:10. This references the SECOND COMING. If He were to come 7 years prior in a Pre-tribulation rapture fashion He would have made Himself into a liar on the nature of HOW He declared He would come, “Like a thief…”

6. Jesus return is NOT imminent. Paul tells us two things that must happen first before we can be gathered together with Him… 1) A great apostasy must take place and 2) the anti-christ must be revealed… 2 Thess. 2:1-3. CAN YOU NAME or POINT OUT who the anti-christ is? NO, because he hasn’t been revealed yet. At this point you can only speculate.

7. The wrath of God is not temporal… it is eternal. We are not appointed to wrath…. BUT to SALVATION and forever living with Him. 2 Thess 5:9 AND 10.  This is the same wrath Jesus speaks of in John 3:36… God’s eternal wrath rests upon the unbeliever.   This same Greek word is used in the book of Rev. 3 times… Rev. 6:16,17 where MAN declares it, and Rev. 11 where GOD declares His wrath by judging the dead with eternal hell.  John 3:36, Jesus tells us that the wrath of God abideth on those who do not believe.  It is a spiritual, eternal type of wrath (word in Greek “ergo”, not “thymos” as the pretrib doctrine supposes.)

8. Paul makes it very clear that those who have died in Christ and have been living with Him for hundreds of years will at the rapture/second coming receive a new physical body (earth suit) 1 Cor. 15:51-54, the corruptible will put on incorruptible.  You don’t need a physical body to live in heaven, but on Earth.  Jesus is coming to Earth to rule and reign for 1000 year.  The dead saints will need a physical body so that they are not disembodied spirits for the 1000 year reign of Christ.  The raptured don’t go to heaven for 1000 years.  They are on Earth with Christ.  The pretrib doctrine lies to us and tells us that we receive glorified celestial bodies at the rapture.  Paul makes it clear that it is the physical body that is renewed to the state of the first Adam prior to the fall.

9. Jesus declares that He is STILL coming “Like a thief…” for those who are watching after the tribulation… Rev. 16:15. The view must relocate this Scripture to another location otherwise God would have been pouring out His wrath upon His own people. Thus twisting the Word of God to fit their agenda.

10. The tribulation saints… this is a very interesting doctrine. Tribulation saints cannot be the bride because the bride is supposed to already be raptured. Therefore, a NEW body of saints must be created to accommodate this doctrine making us no longer one body in Christ Jesus, but multiple.  We are not 3 bodies in Christ Jesus (Jews, church, tribulation saints), but one.  God did not lie to the tribulation saints… they TOO are not assigned to His wrath!

11. Luke 21:36 Here the view ASSUMES that the word “escape” means rapture. For the Pretrib view to work, it must change the Word of God concerning salvation. We are saved by grace and not of works, yet we can only be raptured by praying always and our worthiness. The pretrib view must state (in light of Luke 21:36) that only the worthy saints are raptured and not everyone who is saved. Thus putting the unworthy into a tribulation saint category. Thus removing their “bride” status because they can no longer be the bride. The view tells us that the tribulation saints become eternal servants of the bride… thus elevating them greater than the bride, because he who is greatest in the kingdom is a servant of all…

12. Jesus didn’t blow off the disciples question in Matt. 24:3, and Mark 13. The disciples asked, “When will these things be…” What things? The destruction of the temple where not one stone is left upon another… 70 AD. The pretrib view sees ALL of what Jesus answers as futuristic suggesting that Jesus blew off the disciples question, and presents their accordingly.

13. The view must make light of the only places the New Testament Scripture refers to the MYSTERY surrounding the last trumpet… 1 Cor. 15:51,52 and Rev. 10:7

14. The view tells us that the bride is in heaven for the tribulation, however the Word tells us that she is making herself ready on Earth. Paul tells her how to make herself ready for when Jesus comes with all of His saints (who have died and risen first) to present her to the Father… 1 Thess. 3:12:13 She makes herself ready by her righteous acts… these acts must be preformed on Earth, therefore she cannot be making herself ready in Heaven, but on Earth.

15. To separate the Rapture event from the Second Coming event the pre-trib view has no alternative except to just flat out lie about it. It’s one thing to use opinion, assumptions and conjecture, but to present their lists of differences attempting to make the events two, it’s just one lie after another, making up their own scripture where it doesn’t exist.

16. The church of Philadelphia FULFILLED a contingency causing them to be worthy to escape the “hour of temptation” in a Psalm 91 fashion. The pretrib view tells us there is no contingency. Although the book of Revelation is speaking to just the church of Sardis, the pretrib doctrine informs us that this encompasses every church and every church escape it all through rapture… Rev. 3:10

17. 1 Thess. 4:18 tells us to “comfort one another with these words.” This is a wonderful thing, however the pretrib doctrine tells us the comfort is in escaping tribulation and not in the context. We see in the context specified as the fact that we are resurrected from the dead and forever live with Him. What is not understood is that the Sadducees taught that there was no resurrection from the dead. The sorrow was a result of their teaching. Jesus tells us to have “good cheer” and “peace” concerning our assignment to tribulation… John 16:33

18. When the 5 unwise virgins were told “I never knew you”, this implies that they were also told to go to Hell. They were not told that they would be given a second chance as tribulation saints. See Matt. 25

19.  Peter, who Jesus called a ‘rock, and on this rock I will build my church,’ informed the church about the Second Coming and how to prepare for it… 2 Peter 3:10-18

20. The doctrine informs us that the church isn’t mentioned after chapter 3 of Revelation…. Yet the same exact message given to the church of Sardis is repeated in Rev. 15:16.  It is true that the word “church” isn’t mentioned, but saints are.  The church in Revelation is much like the church today…. full of lukewarm, and people who don’t overcome.  We are told to the church of Laodicea that the lukewarm are vomited out of God’s mouth in Rev. 3:16 and that those who don’t overcome…. their names are blotted out of the book of life (Rev. 3:5).  There is a big difference between the church and the saints… How I want to be in that number…. when the saints go marching in…





  1. I agree with this except for number 2. I believe the bible says that Jerusalem will be taken again. I believe right now that the best fit is that islamic armies will take her over. I hate the pretrib view because it makes us not ready for even the idea of persecution.


    1. Thanks Heidi for your comment. I must ask though… because, it’s important to substantiate what you actually believe, otherwise you just end up believing blindly, any doctrine that sounds good. If you believe that the bible states that Jerusalem will be taken again, what reference do you use to substantiate that belief? I believe that Jerusalem will be half in captivity as it is states in Zech. 14:2, but never scattered as it was in the Jewish diaspora


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